Expected initializer before

К такой ошибке приводит обычно пропущенная точка с запятой. Посмотрите кусок кода непосредственно перед проблемной строкой. The return type for stringThing must be either void or string , not both. But then, you must also . The question involves me writing a program using a overloaded function to calculate the Weekly rate of employees but they get paid hourly and weekly.

I get this error but do not know why, could you please help me out.

Как изменить код, чтобы не было ошибки expected initializer. Перестраивала, перезапускала блокс(на всяк пожарный), а толку нет. What-does-an-error-saying-expected-initi.

I keep getting the error Expected initializer at different points in my code whenever I try to verify it. Currently, the error exists before void setup. How can I fix this error and not allow it to happen in the future?

If I remove the class from the file it says the error is coming from ( parseargs.h), it pops up another error. Thank you for your help.

So, something I personally recommending using is adding a using namespace std; into your program. I get errors when trying to upgrade Rcpp from 0. Annotate stop() with NORET. Ver traducciones en inglés y español con pronunciaciones de audio, ejemplos y traducciones palabra por palabra. Traduce expected initializer before. ROS Indigo with Gazebo 2. Hello, I am using Ubuntu 14.

I am trying to compile a gazebo ros plugin. I tried an older version of marlin and arduino but the are the same. Both arduino and marlin are unaltered fresh installs.

Je vous explique mon problème. Kiedy próbowałem ten program skompilować wyskakuje mi błąd na linii – expected initializer before int. Jestem początkującym koderem.

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